Metinvest enterprises in Zaporizhia summing up the results of the 2021 summer recreation activities


The 2021 summer recreation program offered opportunities to over 5,000 Metinvest employees and their family members in Zaporizhia to go to recreation centres and summer camps. A total of UAH 26 million was allocated by Zaporizhstal, Zoporozhogneupor, Zaporizhcoke and Zaporizhia Mechanical Foundry Plant for organizing safe and comfortable conditions for summer recreation.

Employees of Metinvest enterprises in Zaporizhia were able to go to the recreation centres at the Azov Sea including Metallurg recreation centre and summer camps Mriia and Chaika. Steel workers were also able to improve their health and get refreshed at the main health and recreation centre run by Social Initiatives of Zaporizhia at Khortytsia island.

About 900 children of the employees went to summer camps for children and youth – Sputnik at Velykyi Luh and health recreation centres Albatros, Primorsky and Raduga at the Azov Sea. The Company is consistent in financing the recre-ation facilities to ensure decent conditions for summer vacations of the employees and their children. At the same time, the company is looking for alternative solutions for recreation of its employees and their families.

As a pilot children’s recreation project for children of the best performers, seaside vacations were organized at a resort centre with higher standard accommodation. About 100 children of employees from Metinvest enterprises in Zaporizhia spent their vacations at summer camps Lazurnaya Raduga and Smena in Kirillovka at the Azov Seat beach. The camps meet high standards the company sets for recreation facilities: immediate access to the sea, developed infrastructure, play and sports grounds, swimming pools, entertainment areas, learning and sports programs, day-time and evening activities, healthy and balanced food at self-service buffets.

Subject to collective agreements, the enterprises funded 80% of the vouchers irrespective of the type of the recreation facility and its location. Special attention was paid to following the quarantine rules to ensure safe and comfortable rec-reation of employees and their family members.

In 2021, Metinvest, the Management Company of Zaporizhstal, marks its 15th anniversary. METINVEST is an interna-tional vertically integrated group of steel and mining companies. It comprises steel and mining enterprises in Ukraine, Europe and the US, as well as a sales network covering all key global markets. The Company manages the complete production chain, from extracting iron ore and coal to manufacturing semi-finished and finished steel products.