2020 at “Zaporizhstal”. Results of the Year


This year has turned our usual course of life so much that it is already a little scary to plan the next one. However, it is quite possible to sum up the results of 2020. Moreover, we will concentrate only on the positive aspects. And as a storyteller, Steel Santa came to visit us. From him you will learn about the best moments at “Zaporizhstal” that happened to us every month.


Chug-chug, Steel Santa on a new remotorized diesel locomotive rushes into January 2020 to sum up the results of this month.

Just in January, the Steel Works launched the sixth updated diesel locomotive. Moreover, “Zaporizhstal” specialists managed to update it on their own. You guys did a great job on it.


Steel Santa is visiting young “Zaporizhstal” workers, and also tells us about the events of February 2020. This month has just turned out to be successful for the youth of the Steel Works. Some of them received motivational bonuses equivalent to $400 for a good first year of work.


Wow! Together with Steel Santa, we are on the eve of March and see a very important event that has to be remembered when summing up the results of the year. This month, “Zaporizhstal” presented its ecological modernization projects on the All-Ukrainian Platform of Environmental and Technological Solutions, in which it invested UAH 15 billion of its own funds.


Steel Santa correctly notes that gifts can be given not only on the eve of the New Year. Summing up the results of April 2020, he learned that this month the Steel Works sent UAH 4.3 million for a gift for the Day of the Rescuer of Ukraine. With this money, we bought and handed over to the state fire-fighting and rescue unit No. 29 in Zaporizhzhia a modern fire-fighting tank truck based on MAN chassis. Who else but we know that safety comes first!


Warm month deserves warm emotions. And Steel Santa says they definitely were. In May, “Zaporizhstal” congratulated the veterans on the 75th anniversary of the victory over Nazism in World War II. 250 veterans – combatants and home front workers received gifts from steel workers.


Is it necessary to graduate from any university to become a certified Steel Santa? Santa says no. But to become a “Zaporizhstal” employee – it is necessary. In 2020, the Steel Works became the first place of work for 200 graduates, and this is not all the youth that can be found here. In total, there are 5 000 young employees working at “Zaporizhstal”!


Steel Santa is approaching one of the most festive months of 2020! Do you still remember what we celebrate in July?

It is impossible to forget that this month is a holiday for all miners and steel workers. This year we had to celebrate keeping our distance, but the unforgettable show was possible thanks to 200 drones, which made a whole light show in the sky.


Wow, it’s hot! Before Steel Santa melts, here are some fresh and hot environmental projects that started in August this year. This month we started construction of additional aspirations on the tail sections of sinter machines. Investments in this project will amount to UAH 235 million. Also in August, we installed additional shelters for the receiving hopper of the charging units at blast furnaces No. 2, 3, 4. So that the dust does not interfere with our work!


Steel Santa raises his hand and gets up from his desk to answer our question: what were the brightest events that happened to us in September 2020?

Moreover, in September, by the beginning of the academic year, enterprises of Metinvest in Zaporizhzhia presented the children of their employees with the necessary training kits worth about UAH 3 million. There were also pleasant surprises for teachers – 28 Zaporizhzhia schools received interactive whiteboards as a gift from the plant.


“It’s time to take care of Zaporizhzhia!” – says our Steel Santa under the influence of the events of October 2020. It is all because this month “Zaporizhstal” signed a Memorandum with the Zaporizhzhia Regional State Administration on joint obligations in the area of environmental protection. Moreover, we started some commitments right this year. For example, to the construction of aspirations on the tail parts of sintering machines. In addition, in October there were 550 more trees in Zaporizhzhia. We planted them at Naberezhnaya Highway.


The brightest and long-awaited event in November in any year will always be the birthday of the “Zaporizhstal” Steel Works. In 2020, “Zaporizhstal” celebrated the 87th anniversary of its founding with the online holiday HappySteelDay live on TV5-channel. However, the events of November do not end there.

On November 14, 2020, a public ecological action “Let’s Save the Dnipro Together!” took place, cleaning and stocking the Dnipro River, as well as planting new trees.

Moreover, Steel Santa whispers to us that this is not all the events of November. “Zaporizhstal” also helped to conduct an underwater archaeological expedition to raise a land artillery carriage of the 17th-18th centuries from the bottom of the Dnipro River.

It was a very eventful month!


And now we are on the threshold of 2021, in December. And this, by the way, is the month of gifts. 615 children who study in sponsored educational institutions received them this year from the Steel Works.

An equally important gift for the entire Zaporizhzhia is an oxygen station, which “Zaporizhstal” is building together with Rinat Akhmetov Foundation and Metinvest for the Zaporizhzhia Regional Infectious Disease Clinical Hospital. Investments in this important project amounted to UAH 6 million.

Steel Santa helped us remember every month of this extraordinary 2020. We say goodbye to him and meet on the threshold of the New Year, where new events await us. We wish you in 2021, regardless of the circumstances, to fill every month with a positive!