Participants of the Zaporizhzhia Forum of Social Initiatives shared their impressions of the Works

Most recently, a forum of social initiatives was held in Zaporizhzhia. At this event, Zaporizhzhia students presented their projects to improve life in the city. Representatives of the Works noted the best reports from the students and now their authors went on a trip to Zaporizhstal.

Students were shown modern control room, hot-rolling mill shop, CPL-4. The tour ended with a visit to the zoo at the Railway Administration. After the tour, students told about their impressions.

Student from Lyceum № 34 Stanislav Pedorich:

– At the round table, I was very interested when we were told that no more waste was drained into the Dnieper River. Today I was convinced of this and saw with my own eyes how this all happens. This is a small step into the future. I was very impressed, now I think to use this experience in the next scientific work. In general, I really liked the tour. It really broadened my horizons, here I learned a lot of new information. But I imagined work at the factory a little different. I thought there would be more people, but it turned out that everything was already automated here.

Student from school №38 Katerina Yakovenko:

– At the round table, I learned that we are now fighting for the environment at the plants, cleaning up emissions, and it all goes to European standards. I think this is very cool. I am grateful to the organizers for such an interesting tour. Personally, I really liked the hot rolling shop, because there everything looks very impressive. We had very interesting guides with us, they told everything in details, answered all questions, and with humor. It was also impressive that such a huge plant cares about environment and prioritizes the purification of emissions. The information that I received, I will share with other people. In general, I have a little bit different project topics, but if I want to deal with environment, it will be a very useful experience.