The Zaporizhstal Steel Works congratulates veterans on Victory Day


On the eve of 73rd anniversary of the Victory “Zaporizhstal” held a number of events for veterans and workers of home front.

At the initiative of the Works, all veterans who participated in warfare, war invalids and family members of the victims were traditionally provided with welfare assistance in the total amount of more than 70,000 UAH. In addition to financial support, by the Victory Day all veterans of the enterprise – participants in the warfare received valuable gifts from Zaporizhstal.

By the memorable date the Works organized a free trip to the sanatorium-preventorium on the island Khortitsa for 101 veterans and workers of the home front. In the health resort, as well as in the Palace of Culture, there were festive concerts and lunches for veterans. At home, veterans are seen and presented with gifts by volunteers of the veterans council of the enterprise and activists of the youth organization of the Works.

In good tradition, Zaporizhstal, together with Zaporozhkoks and Zaporozhogneupor, took part in the charitable marathon “Memory”. Metinvest enterprises transferred 55 thousand UAH to the fund of the marathon.

The youth of the Works will hold an annual charity event “Ler’s drive veteran” which means that on May 8 and 9, Zaporizhstal workers will drive veterans to places of celebration on their personal cars.

Within the framework of city celebrations which will take place in Victory Park on May 9, Zaporizhstal organizes a concert program and festive dinner for veterans.

The veteran organization of “Zaporizhstal” consists of 505 people – combatants, disabled people, veteran and family members of victims. 279 veterans were awarded with military medals for their merits during the Second World War.