“Zaporizhstal” Has Launched into Operation a Complex of Storm Water Intercepting


“Zaporizhstal” in the framework of ecological modernization program of the enterprise has put into operation a modern complex of industrial and storm drains interception. This will reduce the discharge of industrial water into the Dnieper by 5 million m3 per year. Investment in the project amounted to 58.5 million UAH.

General Director of the PJSC “Zaporizhstal” Rostislav Shurma has told about the new facilities and the introduction of modern technologies to reduce the discharge and improve purification of industrial waters:

“Since 2012, we have systematically invested in upgrading equipment to minimize the impact of production on the Dnieper River. We built an environmentally friendly line in the CRS No.1, thereby completely stopping the discharge of industrial water into the Dnieper from the cold rolling shop. In 2018, a new closed-circuit cooling tower was put into operation with a complete closed loop, and a modern storm water interception complex was put into operation. All these large-scale and costly investments will reduce industrial water discharge to the Dnieper water basin by 16 million cubic meters per year”.

The new complex intercepts the wastewater and redirects it to the multi-level treatment: at first water comes in the filter station, then in the disinfection unit. Further, the purified water is returned to the working cycle of the enterprise for reuse in technical needs.

Since 2012, “Zaporizhstal” has been implementing, together with the Khortytsia National Reserve, Zaporozhye Regional Organization of the Society of Fishermen and Hunters and the Federation of spearfishing, diving and fishing, and Public environmental initiative “Save the Dnieper together!”. During this period, more than 7,000 participants took part in the events, more than 630 trees were planted, more than 100 tons of garbage were collected, about 140 thousand fish were released, and 7400 spawning areas, 30 floating nests and 30 bird feeders were installed.