Zaporizhstal to carry out comprehensive maintenance of rolling mills


Zaporizhstal of Metinvest Group of Rinat Akhmetov and Vadim Novinsky has started repair and mainte-nance of the hot rolling shop equipment: rolling mills, grab cranes, and continuous furnaces. The plant will spend more than UAH 30 million for maintenance and repair work.

“We are using the period of temporary mothballing for the benefit of future production – we started comprehensive maintenance and repair activities. We are doing everything necessary to prepare the enterprise for the gradual restoration of the production process,” said Oleksandr Myronenko, General Director of Zaporizhstal.

Since the end of March, the repair of main rolling mills – slabbing mill 1150, continuous sheet rolling mill 1680, as well as grab cranes and continuous furnaces #3 and #4 – has been started in the hot-rolling shop of the Plant. Shop specialists together with Metinvest-Promservice will inspect and repair the main units. The list of planned activities includes the repair of mechanical, power and electrical equipment of key rolling mills of the enterprise.

The work to be performed will improve the equipment reliability and reduce the risk of potential unplanned down-time. Comprehensive repair of rolling mills is planned to be completed by April 10.

As part of the main equipment M&R program, activities will also be carried out in the sinter, blast furnace, open-hearth shops and in power generating divisions of the plant.

As a reminder, since March 2, due to the aggravation of hostilities in the region, Metinvest Group has transferred some of the Zaporizhstal equipment to the hot mothballing mode. On March 21, the plant partially resumed the operation of the cold rolling shop in order to produce and dispatch cold-rolled coils to the European customers.