Zaporizhstal: production results in January 2023

In January 2023, Zaporizhstal produced 166.4 thousand tons of hot metal, 89.9 thousand tons of steel, and shipped 73.0 thousand tons of rolled steel.

The decrease in the level of production compared to the same period last year is associated with a shortage of raw materials and logistical problems caused by full-scale military operations on the territory of Ukraine. In addition, due to missile attacks on energy infrastructure facilities, a capacity deficit was created in the national energy system, as a result of which the plant reduced production, thus reducing the consumption of purchased electricity.

Indicator name UoM January






January 2023

to January 2022,


Hot metal production volume ths tons 400.5 166.4 41.5
Steel production volume ths tons 328.9 89.9 27.3
Rolled steel production volume ths tons 280.6 73.0 26.0

It is worth reminding that, in connection with the escalation of military operations in the region since the beginning of March  part of the equipment of the Zaporizhstal plant of Metinvest Group underwent hot mothballing. At the end of March last year Zaporizhstal partially resumed the operation of the cold rolling shop for the production and shipment of cold-rolled coils to the European consumer. A month after the forced shutdown, Zaporizhstal demothballed the equipment and partially resumed production. Since April 2022, the plant has been operating at an average of 50% capacity.