“Zaporizhstal” of the Metinvest Group Handed Over Protective Accouterments to Zaporizhzhia Utility Companies


The employees of Zaporizhzhia utility companies received 300 IV+ level of protection body armors and 150 protective kevlar helmets from “Zaporizhstal” of the Metinvest Group. Modern accoutrements will protect the lives of workers of emergency teams who eliminate the consequences of enemy attacks on the city.

On October 4, 2022, “Zaporizhstal” Steel Works of Metinvest Group of Rinat Akhmetov and Vadym Novinskyi handed over sets of protective accoutrements to the employees of the city’s communal enterprises – “Vodokanal”, “Zelenbud”, “ELUASH”, “Zaporizhmisksvitlo”, “Titan”, “Zaporizhremservice” and the concern “City heating networks”. It is the employees of these services as part of the emergency teams who eliminate emergencies and repair the objects of the city infrastructure and the surrounding area damaged by shelling.

“In the struggle for a unified and independent Ukraine, every Ukrainian and every business makes an important contribution. And there is no secondary work here – because these puzzles form a joint result. Doctors save lives, metallurgists melt steel, utility services repair damaged networks and eliminate the consequences of shelling, so that the city continues to live and work towards our joint victory in the future. Despite the danger, utility workers perform their important work and need protection no less than rescue services.

Now their lives and health will be protected by reliable protective accoutrements from Metinvest,” said Mykola Petryakov, the Engineering Director of “Zaporizhstal”.

Let us recall that Metinvest Group has directed more than UAH 1.9 billion to the needs of the army, support of the national economy, assistance to employees and civilians of Ukraine. One of Metinvest’s largest projects since February 24 is the supply of accoutrements to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defense, the National Guard, the National Police, the Main Directorate of Intelligence and other law enforcement units. In total, Metinvest Group provides more than 110 000 body armors to defenders. Part of the accoutrements is purchased abroad; another part is made from certified special steel of our own production