“Zaporizhstal” of Metinvest Group Handed Over another Batch of Medical Drugs to the Zaporizhzhia Military Hospital

On September 16, the Zaporizhzhia Military Hospital received another batch of medicines from “Zaporizhstal” Steel Works of Metinvest Group – about 18 000 units of medical drugs for a total amount of over UAH 525 000.

These are 15 kinds of drugs – hemostatic, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine drugs, as well as antibiotics, stimulators of peristalsis and antiseptics. Some of them are also used during operations, but mostly these are drugs for therapeutic treatment and postoperative rehabilitation.

Oleksandr Myronenko, General Director of PJSC “Zaporizhstal”:

“Today, we handed over another tranche of aid from Metinvest to the hospital. These medical drugs are necessary so that military medics can treat wounded soldiers and provide the highest possible quality of medical care. The list of medicines was determined according to the needs of the institution. Previously, we also handed over medical equipment to the hospital, which is already working and saving the lives of soldiers. We will continue our cooperation in the future, because currently such support is vital for both doctors and patients.”

The total cost of surgical instruments, medicines and equipment transferred by Metinvest together with Rinat Akhmetov Foundation for the needs of the Zaporizhzhia Military Hospital since the beginning of the war amounts to more than UAH 15.5 million.

As Maksym, the managing officer of the Zaporizhzhia Military Hospital, said, the main field of the work of medics is to stabilize the physical condition of wounded military servicemen and to provide them with primary treatment. Therefore, the drugs and medical devices that “Zaporizhstal” of Metinvest Group handed over are very necessary.

– Today, the so-called consumables, which have a very large share in the provision of medical aid, were provided to our stock, – said the officer. – These are bandages, hemostatic materials, materials for recovery. They are very necessary every day – to stabilize the physical condition after an injury or serious illness. We are very grateful to our friends from “Zaporizhstal” for their help.