In 2014, within implementation of the program for occupational safety management in the sphere of health and life protection of employees and according to the standard “Premedical Care and Emergency Medical Treatment”, “Zaporizhstal” Iron and Steel Works will allocate 1.5 million UAH for purchasing medical equipment for the health posts of the works.

The standard suggests provision of the works’ health posts with medical equipment and training systems (manikins), organizing a classroom, teaching practical skills of operating new medical equipment to medical personnel and teaching basis of the first aid treatment to the works’ employees.

At the first stage of the project implementation the works has purchased 11 up-to-date backpack first aid kits of the German company Weinmann, which amounted to 500 thousand UAH. A rescue pack contains resuscitation kit, oxygen supply system with an Ambu bag, a laryngoscope, a sphygmomanometer, a stethoscope, a small lamp for examination of pupils, a reflex hammer, a pressure infusor bag with gauge, and a range of other medical instruments. For convenience of use, backpack first aid kits are packed according to the common standard. 10 backpacks will be distributed among health posts on the territory of the works, 1 backpack will be permanently kept in the ambulance on duty.

Automated defibrillators, up-to-date stretchers, vacuum splints for emergency care of the injured will be purchased for health posts in the nearest time. It is planned to allocate 1 million UAH for this purpose. Week-long courses will be held in September of 2014 to teach practical application of the new medical equipment and training systems to the health posts employees, and afterwards necessary skills of premedical first aid will be acquired by the employees of the works themselves.

It should be noted that the works has 10 health posts, distributed over the whole territory of the works.