Teams of humor from Zaporizhstal passed to the semifinal of Zaporozhye League of humor

The quarterfinal game of Zaporozhye League of Humor, which took place in the Palace of Culture “Dneprospetstal”, was faery. It was almost 4 hours of fun! There were 5 Zaporozhye teams and 7 of another towns, and only 8 passed to the semifinals.

Teams showed mini-presentations on the subject EIT (external independent testing), someone received subject music, someone – philosophy, someone – trigonometry. In the show participated and star coaches. Zaporozhye team “California” and Melitopol team “The Hateful four” demonstrated the most impressive performance. Their performance were unpredictable and original.

Sports and entertainment team of Zaporizhstal Steel Works “We’ll start on Monday,” also showed an excellent performance. The guys dressed the serious political frontman Andrey Bogdanovich in red sports leotards and with this impressed everyone too much. The team passed EIT on philosophy and sociology by using sport subject.

– Andrey Bogdanovich supported us in all undertakings, immediately agreed to wear leotards, and was trying to wear it for five minutes, it was not in size”, said Roman Nikolenko, captain of the team “We’ll start on Monday”. – When we saw him in this outfit, it was so funny that everyone started to laugh – the rehearsal was interrupted for half an hour. Later, Andrey Bogdanovich said that he would not mind holding one of the political studio discussions in this suit. By the way, today’s victory is dedicated to our player Nikolay Budasov, who celebrated his birthday on the stage. We tried very hard to make him such a gift.

Now Zaporizhstal workers have to show their humor already in the semifinals of the Zaporozhye League of Humor.