Zaporizhstal workers told pupils and students about steel industry

More than 40 enterprises and educational institutions were represented at the fair of popular professions and professions of the future, which was held at the Slavutich Arena. Representatives of Zaporizhstal Steel Works took part in the event.

In the administrative building of the stadium, several locations worked simultaneously: the employers’ site, the site of educational institutions, the forum theater, as well as platform for communication with successful professionals. At the fair, it was possible to collect the maximum number of employers and active youth. The consultants could learn about the relevance of one or another profession today and further perspectives. As our city is an industrial center of Ukraine, the professions related to industry, metallurgy and machine building were interesting for young people. And that’s why near the stand of PJSC Zaporizhstal it was quite crowded. Everyone received full and complete answers on the interested questions.

The event was held at the initiative of the Zaporozhye Youth City Council and with the support of the Sports, Family and Youth Department of the City Council.

“We are holding an event that shows which professions are in demand in Zaporozhye, given our industrial potential, and what professions will be in demand in the future”, said the youth mayor of Zaporozhye, the head of the youth organization of Zaporizhstal Steel Works Sergey Ilchenko. “Our task is to show that Zaporozhye industry is our future and that many enterprises are developing dynamically, for example, Zaporizhstal Steel Works, where the youth movement is very developed, has excellent career prospects for young workers.

Those who came to the fair did not regret about it and even learned a lot of new and interesting. In its turn, Zaporizhstal Steel works will continue to take an active part in such events.