Meeting with Youth! Veterans of Zaporizhstal Works Visited their Esteemed Enterprise

On July 5, veteran organization of “Zaporizhstal” Works will celebrate its 50th anniversary. On the eve of the jubilee, veterans had excursion to the shops of the esteemed enterprise: foundry, mechanical and metalwork shops.

In the foundry, they were shown new melting complexes, in which steel, cast iron, aluminum, and bronze are now melted. Molding areas for the production of sandy-clay mixtures were shown. In the mechanical workshop, they were shown the main cutting equipment and the thermal treatment section. Since the veterans worked here, many things have changed in the shops. The equipment became more perfect, and in the cabins, there are comfortable tables and coolness from modern air conditioners – in their years, ten-twenty-thirty years ago, that was not available.

– On the eve of the jubilee of the veteran organization, we developed a program for conducting thematic excursions, coordinated with the personnel directorate, – said the chairman of the council of veterans of “Zaporizhstal” PJSC Nikolai Silin. – We conduct such excursions for our veterans, who care about what changes take place at the Works. I think that a great incentive in life for veterans is that the Works is working steadily. Moreover, if the Works is functioning, then the social program prescribed in our collective labour agreement, which is recognized as the best in the field and in the industry, will work. All this gives us, veterans, confidence in the future.

To visit the esteemed enterprise, to meet colleagues, to learn about the innovations of production process – it is always interesting and pleasant.

– Today I met my colleagues with whom I worked for many years, – says the veteran “Zaporizhstal” Ninel Pavlova. Though we call back on each other, though sometimes we meet, but still – we have arrived, have seen familiar places. Feeling very good – unforgettable! Today’s excursion is like a meeting with youth.

Similar excursions will continue in the future. Doors of Zaporizhstal Works are always open for veterans and guests!