Volunteers from Zaporizhstal youth organization helped Zaporizhzhia Regional Perinatal Center

Employees of Zaporizhstal plant, who are part of the plant’s youth organization, collected and handed over humanitarian aid to patients of the Zaporizhzhia Regional Perinatal Center.

It was possible to collect all the necessary things thanks to the caring residents of the city and charitable foundations. The aid included all the necessary things for babies – clothes, diapers, rompers, etc.

“During the war, everyone needs support, especially children and their mothers. We decided that such help would be useful, so all the things collected in our hub were taken to the perinatal center. Every mother will be able to find here the necessary things for her baby, and we will continue to bring them to the center,” says Anatoliy Shirma, lead specialist in work with youth at PJSC “Zaporizhstal”.

During the full-scale invasion, the youth of “Zaporizhstal” helps the perinatal center for the third time. Volunteers have been collecting necessary items for displaced women, who currently make up 50% of the center’s patients.