The Youth Organization of “Zaporizhstal” PJSC Presented Gifts to Large Resettled Families

The large families of Pozdyn and Zaretskyi are longtime friends of the Youth Organization of the works. Every year the youth activists of Zaporizhstal visit their little friends and give them gifts from the “Zaporizhstal” works.

“We regularly visit large families, help them and give gifts from the “Zaporizhstal” works,” noted Anatoly Shirma, leading specialist in interaction with young people of “Zaporizhstal” PJSC. “We always try to give children something useful and necessary, and every time we bring something sweet.”

Natalia Pozdina, together with her sister Diana, are raising four children, and in the Zaretskyi family, there are 10 of them: two relatives and eight adopted. During the quarantine period, all children switched to distance learning that became a challenge for both families.

“We constantly receive gifts from Zaporizhstal,” said Diana Pozdina. “It’s very nice. The metallurgical works has been supporting us from the very beginning of the war. We are very grateful for such support and help.”

After warm meetings, each kid received a gift from the Youth Organization: Air Pods, smart watches, drawing kits or tolocars.

“During the quarantine, most children are at home on distance learning,” told us the head of the family and father-educator of family type children’s home Alexey Zaretskyi. “This has its pros and cons. We are trying to ignore the cons. Distance learning usually poses a challenge for the family. It is very difficult to bring everyone together. Nevertheless, the gifts are very nice. The employees of the “Zaporizhstal” works come to us on holidays and greet children constantly. Kids are always excited to see the representatives of “Zaporizhstal” at their place. Usually they get many positive emotions of such a warm meetings.