The Works was Visited by a Delegation from Oberhausen

Hendrik Ditmars visited Zaporizhstal with a guided tour.

The youth mayor went to the Works’ workshops and looked at how steel was produced. Hendrik Ditmars also met Zaporizhstal youth organization.

The head of the youth organization of the Works, Sergey Ilchenko, told the guests about what youth programs function at the plant, what young workers do and how they develop.

— I was impressed by the number of opportunities that young people have at Zaporizhstal Works,” Hendrick Ditmars shared his impressions. – I express great respect to the employees of Zaporizhstal. They work in difficult conditions of continuous production and at the same time are engaged in vigorous activity. There is something to learn from Zaporizhzhia youth. I think such an exchange of experience will help our cities – Oberhausen and Zaporizhzhia – to develop and improve, – Hendrick Ditmars shared his impressions.