The Project “Boundless Movement” for the Little Children

“Boundless Movement” is a project of a special children’s playground for pupils of the specialized preschool educational institution “Verbychka”.  The idea was realized by virtue of a grant won in the contest of social initiatives “We are the city”.

The grant money spent for 13 sports training simulators and equipment that is fully adapted for children with vision problems.  Special carousels, horizontal bars, children’s complexes and other playground equipment was installed on playground.

 “We arranged this playground for the funds that we won in the social contest “We are the city”. Our project “Boundless Movement” is called in such manner, because our kids are special; they have different diagnoses and visual impairment. There are children who do not see anything at all. Such equipment, which is now installed here, is convenient, interesting and colorful. Here our children will train and compete, and celebrate some holidays. There was nothing in the area except for the basin in the past, but for today it is very important for us, because for our children it is a good opportunity to quench, compete and develop physically”, said the head of the kindergarten Tamara Soroka.

In addition to special training simulators on the playground, they also installed the “Romashka” tactile table for the development of children’ tactile sensation.  The third location of the playground was the paths made from various materials, so that children tactilely feel what surface they go.