State Emergency Service of Zaporizhzhia and PJSC “Zaporizhstal” organize an event to remind children of safety rules

On August 10, Metinvest volunteers helped the children from refugee families that live in the company’s shelters to get to a location to participate in an unusual event. The children were met by representatives of the National Guard of Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia Patrol Police, State Emergency Service of Ukraine and Red Cross Organization in Zaporizhzhia. The representatives of different departments organized interactive activities to make it a little holiday for the young guests and remind them of basic safety rules.

“Nowadays, when there is a war in Ukraine, everyone – and especially children – should be aware of their own safety. That is why together with the Zaporizhzhia specialized services, we organized an event, which is fun and, mostly important, useful for the kids. I hope that every child was pleased with this event and remembered all the useful tips from rescuers, policemen and Ukrainian defenders,” said, the General Director of PJSC “Zaporizhstal” Oleksandr Myronenko.

More than 50 children from four Metinvest shelters in Zaporizhzhia attended the event. The kids had a chance to try on a rescuer’s or policeman’s uniform, pet the service dogs, make patriotic drawings, dance and take part in various competitions. The rescuers are the ones to be thanked for the unexpected culmination of the event – they used a fire hose to make ‘rain’ for the kids on this hot day and bring them much fun.

“Together with our partners – the Red Cross, the patrol police, the juvenile police and the National Guard, the rescuers have organized a bright children’s event. The kids learn better through games, they do not like being lectured, and this is why we use entertaining activities to tell them about life saving rules. Today, they have learned about mine safety, fire safety, first aid, and traffic rules. All of these are part of a bigger concept called ‘safety’. If we as adults can create a safe space for our children and teach them all the necessary rules, then our children and our country will have a safe future,” said Yulia Barysheva, the speaker of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Zaporizhzhia region.