Star Football Players Visited Zaporizhstal

On October 14, the players of the star football club “Maestro”, which includes popular Ukrainian singers, artists and show business representatives, visited Zaporizhstal Works with an excursion and got acquainted with the ecological modernization of the enterprise.

Famous Ukrainians visited the computerized central dispatching plant and the cold rolling shop No. 1, where they had the opportunity to see the work of the modern pickling line CPL-4, which ensures environmentally friendly production of the Works.

«I am from the metallurgical city of Mariupol, and like no one else I know how large-scale production can affect the environment. I was very pleased that at Zaporizhstal they use new technologies and care for the environment. Also the scale and greatness of the entire enterprise struck me. It is very inspiring. One feels that there are perspectives here», – a singer Aleksandr Krivoshapko shared his impressions.

In his turn, the honored artist of Ukraine, theater and cinema actor Vitaly Borysyuk noted that it was at Zaporizhstal that “the power and strength of the country’s industry is felt.” “When you see how metal is born, you see a high level of technical equipment of production – you understand that the country and the industry are being revived,” Vitaly Borisyuk concluded.