Together with quadcopter in search of historical and architectural sights

The project “Travel about Zaporizhia region” is one of the winners of the sixth season of the social initiatives contest “We are the city”. Due to the grant that the winner received – the regional center of tourism and local history – students will  set off on small expeditions about the region.

Such expeditions will be conducted to study the historical and architectural monuments of Zaporozhye region. During the first expedition, which took place on March 28, we examined the fortresses of the Dnieper line on the Konka River in the Orekhovsky and Pologovsky districts.

The trip was attended by 12 children and 4 adults.

– We went hiking to learn more interesting about the world where we live. Backpacks and sleeping bags were given to us by our coach, and everything else was collected by ourselves. I have never slept in tents before, but I think it will be interesting and fun. And so that it was not cold, I took with me a sweater, pants, warm socks and a hat. I will cook in a pot,” said 10-year-old Veronika Kosinskaya.

During the expedition, the terrain was examined using a quadrocopter. That was bought for grant money. Owing to the device, researchers will be able to obtain more accurate data for their scientific work, which will be presented at regional and all-Ukrainian conferences.

– During the expedition we will visit the remains of the Grigoriev Fortress. For a long time, researchers questioned the fact of its existence, because the remnants of the structure remained only on cartographic materials. Fortunately, on this trip we took a new quadcopter. We won a grant for it at the contest “We are a city”. With the help of a quadcopter, we can just reveal the remnants of the old structure of the Grigoriev Fortress. Therefore, we hope that we can prove the fact of its existence in the region territory. This should not only help us. Our researches will be useful to well-known Ukrainian scientists, – said Dmitry Yanushchenko, head of the local history and patriotic education department of the regional tourism center.