PJSC “Zaporizhstal” sponsored the All-Ukrainian competition for children from foster families “Keys to Family Happiness”

The ceremony of rewarding participants of the contest “Keys to Family Happiness” was held at the horse theater “Zaporozhye Cossacks” on Khortitsa. For the third year in a row, the Zaporozhye Charitable Foundation “Happy Child” has been conducting an all-Ukrainian video-story contest for the development of the family structure of children, which tells about the talents of orphaned children who are already being brought up in foster families.

Foster families, family-type children’s homes, foster families from all over Ukraine gathered in Zaporozhye.

The general sponsor of the event was PJSC “Zaporizhstal”. – There can be nothing more important for a child than family in which peace prevails. It is very pleasant that today, on International Family Day, everyone with happy eyes, with smiles on their faces and can hear a child’s laugh. This is what we, adults, should cherish, and also give children love, care, respect”, said the leader of the youth organization of Zaporizhstal Steel Works, the youth mayor of Zaporozhye, Sergey Ilchenko. – Today, Zaporizhstal did not stand aside and we supported this event. It is very important that children feel support from adults, and that every child has a family.

Parents had to film the talent of their children, it can be singing, drawing, or even preparing a dinner, and send this video to the contest. 72 members of the jury evaluated all the submitted videos.

As a result, the best became: Taras Yarovikov and Stas Poshtaruk from Dneproprudny (boys can do circus art); family Kuzmichev from Krivoy Rog with a circus number from Anton Maistrenko, as well as Vanya Ivanov and Anastasia Ivanova. A single winner of the competition according to the jury’s assessment was the young artist Maria Gavrilyuk.

PJSC “Zaporizhstal” has allocated 20 thousand UAH for the purchase of gifts for the participants of the competition. In total, 8 tablets were purchased for the winners as well as 17 flash drives to encourage participants.

After the solemn ceremony of rewarding, all the guests watched the performance of Horse Theater and taste a real Cossack thin gruel.