The enterprise has provided to the university various materials for repair of kitchens, shower rooms, toilets, and corridors. According to Jury Kolesnik, the Rector of the medical university, this help is very much to the point.

– Now, we are in uneasy conditions: money is available on the account, but it is impossible to make payment – everything is blocked in treasurer’s office, – tells Jury Kolesnik.

Therefore, the university has addressed for the help to those who maintain old partner and friendly relations, in particular, to “Zaporizhstal”. In this connection, we asked to allocate not money, which again would be taken by the treasurer’s office, but materials to prepare our hostels toward new academic year. I would like to thank Rostislav Shurma, the General Director of “Zaporizhstal” Steel Works and the youth organisation of the enterprise, with which we also have very close relationship, for the help and support.

Repair, during which we use paints, plaster, cement, corners, linoleum and many other things provided by the Steel Works, goes at full speed. The university plans to finish all works in time.

– We live in the hostel good enough, – tells James Kenet, the second-year student from Nigeria. – Presently, the repair is going on at each floor and it is good – it will be clean everywhere!