Nine thousand utility workers of Zaporizhzhia received humanitarian kits from Metinvest

The Metinvest company has expanded the food aid program within the “Saving Lives” project, created by the Metinvest Group and DTEK in coordination with the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation. From now on, employees of utility providers of the city of Zaporizhzhia can also receive grocery sets.

“Today, utility workers perform extremely important work to support the vital activity of the entire city. Despite the constant shelling, destruction and danger to life, they are among the first to come to the aid and restore the infrastructure, return light and heat to the homes of the residents of the city of Zaporizhzhia. In order to support these courageous and professional people who remain loyal to their city, Metinvest Group provides assistance within the framework of the “Saving Lives” project.” Oleksandr Borysov, director of operational improvements of Metinvest Group “Zaporizhstal”, says

So far, nine thousand employees of 18 city utility companies have received the food kits.

Packages with grocery products – pasta, sweets, cereals, flour and much more – receive forced migrants, vulnerable sections of the population, families of mobilized employees of Metinvest enterprises, subsidized categories and retired long-serving employees of the company’s enterprises. In addition, the humanitarian mission of the “Saving Lives” project includes residents of de-occupied territories and front-line cities, who are in difficult circumstances under constant shelling in full-scale war conditions