As a part of health program of “Zaporizhstal” Chief Engineer Vladimir Buriak, chief doctor of the emergency and ambulance medical treatment hospital Sergei Zavgorodniy received a certificate for UAH 250 thousand, but under the condition that the medical staff have to determine itself for what needs these money will go and propose business plans with an estimated cost of the planned works. The best projects will be selected by a specially created expert council. The grant will be divided into five parts – UAH 50 thousand for each department-winner. The main requirement for the project – they should be helpful to the greatest number of hospital patients.

– Working on my enterprise, communicating with our work collective and other industrial enterprises of the city, hospitals, schools, I realized that in Zaporozhye there is one big problem that must be solved today, – Vladimir Buriak noted.

– We all know that government financing now follow the leftover principle, it is not enough funds for the improvement of material and technical base. I decided as best I can and as far as possible to help health care institutions of Zaporozhye. – We have appealed to the City Council many times with a request to devote funds for the purchase of angiograph, – said Sergey Zavgorodniy. – We’re not talking about it, we’re screaming, because it’s just a shame that in such a large city, government can not find UAH 12 million, in order to have at least one budget angiograph for unfortunate patients who can not afford to use private apparatus. Thanks for your help, we can treat not worse than in Europe and America, we have hands and intelligence, but we need only a little help. Any projects that help medical institutions should be greeted and strongly supported. Some of our hospital departments will be able to improve significantly their material and technical base, to buy a refrigerator or air conditioner; some people just want to replace windows that are still here from 1965 or to buy tools and repair rooms.