Steel Works “Zaporizhstal” Continues to Support the Children’s Football School “Metallurg”

The second bright and, most importantly, a warm and well-equipped mobile home for coaches and doctors was opened on the territory of the training base of the Zaporozhye football school “Metallurg”.  Earlier, there was already installed one modern dressing room for young athletes.  “Zaporizhstal” steel works was concerned about the comfort of children and coaches of the Youth Sports School, having allocated 450 thousand UAH for the purchase of modular houses.

Vladimir Baida, the head of the faction Opposition bloc in the Zaporozhye regional council also attended during the opening of the new house, who noted that the future of the Zaporozhye football school “Metallurg” is in safe keeping.

“Thanks to the support of “Zaporizhstal” and the city authorities, the legendary sports school was saved from extinction and today it still meets the supports,” – said Vladimir Baida. – Support from “Zaporizhstal” allows young athletes to train well and with dignity represent our city on the competitions.

Even coaches are happy with new modular house.

– Now our doctors have an opportunity to observe the training in warm conditions, and if someone is injured the doctors can quickly provide medical assistance.  The house is divided into rooms, in the second – small – we have equipped warehouse for sports equipment, – said the head of the football school “Metallurg” Dmitry Zaporozhenko .

“Zaporizhstal” steel works is going to support sports in the city in every possible way.