The Zaporizhstal Works was Visited by Students from France

The students of the college “Saint Mart Shavan” from the French city of Angouleme arrived to the Works for an orientation tour.

Last year, the teachers of the college “Saint Mart Shavan”- a partner of the Zaporozhye Classical Lyceum under the exchange program, watched the metallurgical production. This time, the membership of the French delegation was enriched by 25 young students wishing to get to know more about metallurgy.

The visitors were to the modern central dispatching complex, pickling department of the cold rolling shop No. 1 and the hydrochloric acid pickling line CPL-4. Besides, the students were able to see how metallurgists cast hot steel into mold.

The student Adrian Shabo shared his impressions of what he saw. “The modern pickling unit was very impressed with everything here is as automated as possible, almost all operations are performed in the sequence specified by the operator from the control panel. At the same time, I am deeply impressed by steel-smelters, their courage and colossal self-giving. I myself would like to become a steelmaker for a day, to feel the harsh romance that they are experiencing every day. Zaporizhstal is amazing!