In Zaporozhye “Sport Life” the opening of the anniversary working Spartakiad was held

Over a thousand Zaporizhstal employees took part in the opening of the 70th working Spartakiad (note: sports meeting).

– Our works has for 70 years maintained strong sports traditions and will keep them in the next decades. It is very important that people have good conditions for sports. When one and half years ago we closed for reconstruction the arena and attracted Sport life company, most people did not believe that the sports complex would open ever. But today we see that the city of Zaporozhye has one of the largest fitness arenas in Ukraine, where people –  tens of thousands of Zaporozhians – can engage in various sports in European conditions. And thousands of Zaporizhstal workers returned to their home ground, who will now be engaged in an upgraded sports complex, – noted Rostislav Shurma.

Works employees will be able to engage in a renewed sports complex either beyond the framework of sports and athletics competitions. Discounts for season tickets in Sport Life are provided in the social package of Zaporizhstal workers.

After the opening of the sports season, employees managed to experience the renewed sports space in competitions. On the first day of the Spartakiad, competitions for the title of the best in running, long jump and arm wrestling have been held.

You can see more photos from the sporting event in the “Photo Gallery” section on our website.