Good Mood and Prizes from the Works Were Presented at the Anniversary Regatta

On July 13-14, Zaporizhzhia hosted the XX sailing regatta in memory of the Hero of Ukraine Vitaliy Antonovich Satsky for the prizes of the PJSC “Zaporizhstal”.

“This regatta shows that Zaporizhzhia has become a center of sports again. This time the center of water sports. This regatta is traditional, and we are strong when our traditions are strong. We see that whole dynasties of athletes are already participating in the regatta. For my part, I want to say that such events show that Zaporizhzhia is not only an economic, industrial center, but also harmoniously develops in various directions such as sports, cultural and tourism. Moreover we will continue to keep this direction,” said candidate for people’s deputies of Ukraine, Viktor Bus’ko during the regatta opening.

The anniversary regatta gathered a record number of athletes. More than 70 crews attended the competition.

The regatta is dedicated to the Hero of Ukraine, the most famous metallurgist of our country Vitaliy Satskiy. Traditionally, it passes to the prizes of PJSC “Zaporizhstal” and gives people who like yachting the opportunity to demonstrate all their athletic abilities.