German Entrepreneurs Were Acquainted With the Work of the Enterprise

 Representatives of the German business association in Eastern Europe visited Zaporizhia. During their trip, entrepreneurs visited the PJSC “Zaporizhstal” Integrated Iron-and-Steel Works.  

The meeting was held in the central control room of the works, where the guests were acquainted with the projects of ecological modernization of the enterprise and with the production monitoring system.  The General Director of the works Rostislav Shurma held the meeting with representatives of the business association:

 – European companies, in particular German, are technology holders.  We take every opportunity to communicate with partners, learn from their experience and implement it at our enterprise. The project that we plan to implement in the nearest future is the construction of an oxygen-converter shop. The main supplier of equipment will be one of the leading German companies.  There are hundreds of such companies in Germany and each one can learn something from the other ones. Today, at one of these meetings, we met with new partners. They will be able to bring new engineering solutions to our works, which will allow us to increase the efficiency of our enterprise.

We have been told by the managing director of the business association of the German economy in Eastern Europe Ute Kokhlovsky-Kadaya, that among the guests were both representatives of companies that are already working in Ukraine, and those who are just getting acquainted and looking for cooperation opportunities:

 – Representatives of the German medium-sized business arrived in Ukraine with us. In our country, medium business is the basis of the economy. Such firms give 90% of German GDP. These firms are engaged in high-tech manufacturing. Therefore, here in Zaporizhia we see the great opportunities for cooperation. “Zaporizhstal” works is very interesting for the members of our delegation. This is our first trip over many years, but I am sure that not the last one. We would like as many German firms to cooperate with Zaporizhia. The EU economy is interested in the economy of Ukraine. In our country, many businesspersons are worry about the idea of cooperation with Ukrainian enterprises because there is a war in the east of your country.  We also came to show that the steelmaking plants are working, people are looking forward for cooperation and the opportunities for it are just wonderful.