Fun competitions for sports families of “Zaporizhstal”

The sports festival “Mom, Dad and me are Zaporizhstal family” took place on November 16, the same day when the Works celebrates its birthday. In this way, 30 sports families of Zaporizhstal employees celebrated this important date.

-The most important thing for every person is his family, says Sergey Ilchenko, the youth leader of the Works. – A family it is where you will always be understood, supported and happy for your successes. The Zaporizhstal Steel Works is one large working family. It is much more than the work collective – these are also family members of our employees. The strength of our company is in traditions that are supported from year to year. The festival “Mom, Dad and me are Zaporizhstal family” is supported by the administration and the labor union organization on an ongoing basis.

At the festival, participants competed with each other at fun starts and relay races. For children, special competitions were held, and they were also entertained by animators with whom they could take pictures of the whole family in a special photo zone.

The family-sports festival “Mom, Dad and me are Zaporizhstal family” is a sports tradition of the Works. It is held so that the employees get acquainted with their families and together plant love for active lifestyle in their children.