“Zaporozhstal” Steel Works would allocate additionally more than 700 thousand UAH for the city multi-field hospital № 5.

Finances of the Steel Works would be sent to purchasing of medical equipment and furniture for the infectious box department.

According to the words of Elena Tokar, Chief Medical Officer, the department needs sterilizers, compressor inhalation devices, ultrahigh frequency therapy, beds, bed-stands, tables, cabinet units, etc.

-We have taken decision on allocation of seven hundred thousand UAH to the hospital, for giving effective medical treatment to smallest citizens of Zaporozhye,- pointed out Vladymir Buryak, director on engineering of “Zaporozhstal” Steel Works.

Nowadays, rooms are under repair in infectious box department – Steel Works allocated three million UAH for this purposes.

– Half of the work scope is done, and we are planning to complete the repair by the end of October,- says Elena Tokar. This became possible due to biased attitude and assistance of “Zaporozhstal” Steel Works and people’s deputy of Ukraine Evgeniy Kartashov, we are very much thankful to them for it.

-“Zaporozhstal” Steel Works never step back from undertaken commitments. This is precisely why, quite a number necessary projects are implemented in our city, and one of them – repair of child health clinic, – says Evgeniy Kartashov.