The Cup of Ukraine on drone racing took place on PJSC “Zaporizhstal”

The first stage of the open Ukrainian Cup on drone-racing Zaporizhstal Drone Racing CUP 2017 was held in the workshop of Zaporizhstal. It was a unique competition and have not been conducted anywhere else before.

The place for the competition of drones was the Cold rolling shop No. 1. For the first time in Ukraine, the drones racing took place in the conditions of current production. The length of the route was 100 meters. On the site there were 4 obstacles and 5-6 turns, so the pilots needed to make a lot of effort to fly successfully and return to the finish point.

16 pilots came to participate in the competition, but already in the morning, during training, several drones were broken, so their pilots had to withdraw from the competition. 12 best sportsmen of Ukraine fought for the victory in 2016. In the final met Maxim Khomenko from the Dnepr and Vasily Khomenko from Kharkov. Their drones were close to the last meters of the distance but finally Vasily Khomenko from Kharkov won the race. The third place took Alexander Naumkin from Odessa.

The pleasure from competition received not only pilots, but also the audience. Zaporizhstal workers created all conditions for sportsmen and guests of the championship. Children were especially happy. They received a lot of impressions. The feast was successful!