Life and health of employees – the main value of the plant. The enterprise acquired a batch of modern personal gas analyzers for workers in the main production shops.

One of the key activities of the plant in the field of labor protection and industrial safety & mdash; ensuring the maximum safety of employees performing work in gas hazardous areas.

About how the plant improves its work in the field of occupational safety and industrial safety & ndash; our interview with the director of OT, industrial and technogenic security Igor Cherniak.

– Why is it particularly important to raise the safety of employees who work in gas hazardous areas?

— Unplanned situations that may occur when performing work in gas hazardous areas are usually distinguished by the severity of the consequences. After all, if natural gas has a specific odor that can always be felt, then the concentration of other gases in the air is & mdash; for example, methane, can only be determined with the help of special equipment. To ensure safety at workplaces, the plant purchased 293 personal gas analyzers and components for them.

– Tell me more about the new devices.

– Gas analyzers & mdash; from leading American manufacturers, firms Tango and Ventis, and accessories to them. Thus, to date, in operation at the plant — 1,3 thousand personal gas analyzers. This number of devices is optimal and completely covers the need for gas analyzers.

– Are there any reviews from the production staff?

– Manufacturers mark & ​​ndash; instruments analyze the air in real time, in case of exceeding the maximum permissible concentrations of hazardous gases, instantaneous sound, light and vibration signaling. The presence of such a device enhances the personal safety of not only the user himself, but also his colleagues who are nearby.

– In which shops are new devices used?

– Modern gas analyzers have been issued to workers in the sinter shop, open-hearth shop and employees of other units that work in gas hazardous areas. The combine has directed on acquisition of modern gas analyzers 7,3 million grn. I want to note that the plant invests not just in purchasing equipment & mdash; these funds are directed, first of all, to the preservation of life and health of people. We are striving to provide all the employees of the plant participating in the technological process with instruments for controlling the working environment.

– Thank you for the interview.