Rinat Akhmetov Foundation donated modern medical equipment to save lives to Donetsk region

The Central District Hospital of Velikaya Novoselka received a modern artificial lung ventilation apparatus from the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation and SCM.

“In total, Rinat Akhmetov Foundation purchased 200 ventilators for supporting state hospitals in the regions of Ukraine. This is a key element of Rinat Akhmetov assistance in the fight against coronavirus. The country received first four devices back in March. Then, in June-July, the Foundation delivered 102 more modern high-class ventilators to Ukraine. These are the two largest batches that have crossed the border since the beginning of the quarantine,” said Natalya Yemchenko, a member of the Fund’s Supervisory Board.

As noted by the SCM representative at the regional headquarters for the fight against coronavirus Aleksandr Vishnyakov, Rinat Akhmetov allocated 300 million UAH to fight the epidemic.

“Let this equipment the Foundation is donating today add confidence in the fight against the pandemic. But, of course, let the urgent need to use these devices be as little as possible, – said Aleksandr Vishnyakov.

In turn, the head of the regional state administration Anatoly Nemchenko noted the scale of Rinat Akhmetov assistance to the region:

– We are grateful for the substantial support of the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation. This is a great help for our doctors. Thank you for your kind deeds. I am sure that this high quality medical equipment will save many lives.

His words were supported by the deputy chairman of the district council Lyudmila Petrova:

– Thank you very much to the people who save lives and lend a helping hand.

– The success of the treatment of patients depends not only on the professionalism of doctors, but largely on the equipment. The supplied ventilator is an expensive high-class equipment that is vital for our medical institution. Many humanitarian organizations are currently providing assistance, but the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation makes the most significant contribution. We are grateful for this, – said the head physician of the hospital Evgenia Balaban.

In addition, the health workers of the institution who work with COVID-19 received a gift – a certificate for medical clothing. The required size can be ordered using the QR code specified in the certificate.

Physicians who took part in the all-Ukrainian webinar received certain certificates. Its Rinat Akhmetov Foundation was organized jointly with the Ministry of Health and the Association of Anesthesiologists of Ukraine.

– We are faced with new viruses. And of course, the ventilator we received is an opportunity to save the lives of patients not only with coronavirus, but also with other serious diseases. Thank you! – shared her impressions of the participant of the seminar, the head of the department of emergency medical care Natalia Khomenko.