“Do not humiliate good deeds”: Rinat Akhmetov About the Coronavirus, the Heroism of Doctors, the Cohesion and Duty of Everyone

On March 16, President Vladimir Zelensky gathered in his office the largest businessmen in the country to ask for help in the fight against coronavirus. One of the participants in the closed meeting was Rinat Akhmetov. In an interview with Ukrainska Pravda (https://www.pravda.com.ua/eng/articles/2020/03/26/7245129/ ), he talked about the details of the conversation with the head of state and how business and government together struggling with the epidemic.

– SCM is a socially responsible business, we never passed by troubles. Moreover, we will not do it now. Almost all of Ukraine, there are cities where our enterprises operate, and our duty is to help. What we did and will do. It’s not the first year or even the first decade that I have been involved in charity. I have a very strong team – and we know exactly what to do. We will purchase at least 200 ventilators and other equipment, which we will inform through my charity fund, ”- said Rinat Akhmetov, answering journalists’ questions. He stressed that the task of replacing power is not worth it, and the only motive that drives it is the desire to help Ukraine and Ukrainians.

According to Rinat Akhmetov, representatives of his team, SCM businesses and the Charity Fund are integrated in the work of anti-crisis headquarters in regions and cities. However, he refused to assess the state of regional medicine and preparedness for the epidemic:

– Such estimates should be given by doctors.

The founder of the Fund – Rinat Akhmetov said that he always tries to see something good even in the most difficult situations:

– Now I am amazed at the heroism of everyone who is on the ground – all united for the same purpose. The round-the-clock work of local authorities, the work of all services deserve great respect. And, of course, the heroism of doctors is amazing. They risk their lives to save people.

Rinat Akhmetov noted that neither Vladimir Zelensky, nor the head of the Presidential Office call him with questions about what has been done to fight the coronavirus:

– My conscience calls me asking what we have done for people and what else we can do. These are the most important calls.

According to the publication, participants in the meeting with the President allocated about 500 million hryvnias to fight against coronavirus, and about 300 million – the contribution of Rinat Leonidovich. He emphasized that he did not expect any gratitude from the state:

– Let’s not humiliate good deeds. Business does not need anything from the President or the government. All the business needs is equal playing rules and fair competition. Our goal is a strong successful Ukraine and happy Ukrainians. I always did charity work and never asked for anything in return. All I want is for people to recover and not get sick. And if you suddenly get sick, then only for the Shakhtar team, when the Ukrainian Championship and European cups will be restored.

Rinat Akhmetov sent UAH300 million to fight a possible epidemic. He emphasized that he did not expect any gratitude from the state for this.

The Rinat Akhmetov Foundation purchases 320,000 coronavirus rapid tests for the whole country. As soon as possible they will be transferred to the Stabilization Fund, initiated by the President of Ukraine. In addition, at least 200 ventilation devices needed to save lives and other equipment will be additionally purchased.

Back in February, by Rinat Akhmetov’s personal decision , the Foundation was the first in the country to respond to the global challenge of the threat of the coronavirus epidemic. Equipment for the effective treatment of COVID-19 complications has already been purchased and transferred to the Ministry of Health: high-quality mechanical ventilation apparatus (IVL) SERVO-I UNIVERSAL and SERVO AIR of Swedish manufacture and oxygen concentrators.

The Foundation purchased and donated personal protective equipment for Ukrainian doctors: a unique insulating mobile box for transporting infectious patients EgoZlin biobag EBV, protective biological and anti-chemical suit with filter and ventilation unit EOBO-20 EgoZlin, protective disposable overalls against chemicals, infrared thermometers with a laser pointer, multilayer respirators, face masks, goggles.

Besides, the Foundation, in cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Development, created an educational series for teachers “Quarantine: online services for teachers.” It allows you to master all the available algorithms that will help to build the correct and effective work with students and parents during the quarantine period. A series of video courses is posted on the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation’s Facebook page and Youtube channel.