“Ask Daddy”: TV Presenter Maxim Sikora Will Become a Blogger of the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation

The Rinat Akhmetov Foundation and the well-known TV presenter Maxim Sikora (“Ukraina” TV channel) are launching the “Ask Daddy” digital project. This is a video blog for orphans and children who are brought up without fathers. Children will receive answers to various questions of interest to each child. Moreover, the pieces of advice that father give children in a full family. Pieces of advice, based on a male view of problems, a male approach to parenting.

“The blog format is new for me, even more so, that the audience will be children who, for various reasons, are growing up without fathers. To become a “virtual dad” for them, especially to be a person who is ready to give useful advice at the right time, is a great responsibility. Therefore, I get used to the new role not without excitement. My goal is to help every boy, every young man, who will be regular viewers of the blog, become cooler. To give them skills, to teach little things that will become their soft skills, also skills that will make them disciplined and systemic people.” , said Maxim Sikora .

The TV presenter has two children, the eldest is 15 years old, so the topics that are usually of interest to teenagers are well known to him:

– What should and should not man do when a girl is offended?

– Why shall we study?

– What is the right way to be friends?

– How to choose a profession?

– What to do if friends offer to try smoking?

– How to make your first money?

– Why is the personal hygiene so important?

– What kind of sport is better to do?

– Can a boy / man cry?

– How to tie a tie?

These questions and more others will be featured in the “Ask Daddy” blog.

Video: https://youtu.be/YQgI6TNhINo

“I am very pleased to do such a project with the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation. I hope it will be useful for children who are growing up without a father care.” , said Maxim Sikora .

New videos will appear every week on Facebook and YouTube pages of the Foundation.

There are already two blogs on the pages of the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation. The first one is dedicated to the study of sign language and aims to overcome communication barriers between hearing people and those with hearing impairments. The second one is a blog by a mother-educator about the joys and problems of a family that has adopted children, and is designed to popularize family forms of child rearing.