A live broadcast of the motivational interactive online lesson “Your Super Profession”! will be conducted under the support of Rinat Akhmetov Foundation.

Few days are left for the beginning of one of the most expected event of this year.

On the 17th of December at 12:00 a.m. high school students from all over Ukraine will watch a live broadcast of the motivational interactive online lesson “Your Super Profession” on Rinat Akhmetov Foundation YouTube channel https://youtu.be/_Ou0jM2rNUY and on the portal of Rinat Akhmetov Museum “Civilians Voices” https://civilvoicesmuseum.org/ru/news/onlajn-urok-tvoya-superprofessiya-pomozhet-podrostkam-najti-svoj-put-v-zhizni!

Specially invited presenters of the event are TV stars of the “Ukraine” channel Grigoriy German and Lilia Rebryk.

Among the invited speakers and guests – goalkeeper of FC Shakhtar and national team of Ukraine Andrei Pyatov, experienced and talented presenters of the “Ukraine” channel Aleksei Sukhanov and Anna Panova, the head of operations department of News group Ukraine LLC Boris Dolina, and also аn expert on career guidance Anna Chatchenko, stars of not only national scale but also of global scale.

During the lesson there will be a presentation of professions of the 2nd season of the educational serial “Your super profession”. This year, the serial will be supplemented by such modern professions as storyteller, presenter/interviewer and photo/video editor.

But there’s more to come! The author of the most interesting question to the experts, according to the opinion of the star presenters, will receive a modern and functional tablet from the Foundation.

This lesson is a part of a big program of “Rinat Akhmetov to children” Foundation and “Rinat Akhmetov to children. Your Superpower” project.

Don’t miss the live broadcast! There will be lot of interesting and useful information! Refer to the link below for details: https://fb.me/e/2Sr3cFHVk