On the 30th of July, 2012, Rostislav Shurma had been appointed as an Acting General Director of “Zaporizhstal” JSC, earlier he held a post of the Director Deputy of the Metallurgical Division at Metinvest Group.

Rostislav Shurma got a significant experience in Metinvest Group, managing the activity process of the metallurgical enterprises of the Group. One of the projects realized by Rostislav Shurma was a creation of the Steel Making and Rolled Stock Division in Metinvest, which included all the metallurgical and rolling facilities of Metinvest. Later, the Steel Making and Rolled Stock Division had been transformed into Metallurgical Division, which integrated coke chemical-recovery, steel making, rolling and pipe production of Metinvest Group. Besides, he managed the process of integration of all the new enterprises, which entered into Metinvest Group (Mariupol Integrated Iron & Steel Works named after Il’ich, Trametal, Promet, Makeyevka Iron & Steel Works).

Rostislav Shurma initiated and created a Centralized Supply Service for all the Integrated Iron & Steel Works, he made the function of operations and goods flow planning for all the enterprises of the Metallurgical Division of Metinvest. During different time periods, Rostislav Shurma was a member of the Supervisory Board MII&SW named after Il’ich, a Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Promet Works (Bulgaria), a member of the Directors Board at Metinvest-Trametal (Italy).

Rostislav Shurma has got two higher educations: he graduated from Kiev National Economics University and National University of “Kiev-Mogyliansk Academy”. He is a Deputy of Donetsk Regional Council, a member of the Permanent Commission on Issues of Environment and Natural Resources.

«For me it is a great honour and a great responsibility to be at the head of the employees of “Zaporizhstal” JSC. I’m convinced that together we shall be able to solve the most complicated and the most ambitious problems and we shall lead out our Integrated Works to a totally new level of development», — Rostislav Shurma, the General Director of “Zaporizhstal” JSC commented his appointment.

Together with Rostislav Shurma a new team of top-managers came to the Integrated Works, they will be responsible for the main activity areas of the Integrated Works. Among them: Alexandr Tret’yakov, who worked earlier as an Engineering Director at “Azovstal” Integrated Steel Works; Vladimir Kolomiets, who earlier held a post of a Supply Chain Director at «МЕMETINVEST-SMC Ltd.»; Vladimir Bayda, a Head of “METINVEST-RESOURCE Ltd.”; Ruslan Bozhko, earlier — a Deputy of the Chief Financial Officer of the Division of “METINVEST HOLDING Ltd.”; Sergey Goman, earlier held a post of the Chief Engineer at the Mariupol Integrated Iron & Steel Works named after Il’ich; Andey Luchenko, a Deputy of the Personnel Director at JSC “ISW “Azovstal” and Ruslan Boychuk, who headed a Legal Service at “METINVEST-RESOURCE Ltd.”; Oleg Adamanov, who worked as a Head of the Railway Traffic Administration at “Azovstal” Integrated Works.


Joint-Stock Company “Zaporozhye Integrated Iron & Steel Works “Zaporizhstal” is one of the largest producers of hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel coils in Ukraine. The principal consumers of the Works’ production are the producers of welded pipes, automobile, agricultural, transportation equipment producing enterprises, producers of household appliances.