Integrated Iron and Steel Works “Zaporizhstal” completed the project and started the industrial tests of basic coal store of pulverized coal injection complex in blast furnace production. The full volume of investments into the PCI project implementation is about 1 billion UAH, including basic coal store — 350 million UAH.

The modern high-technology basic coal storage (BSU) of PCI complex of JSC “Zaporizhstal” doesn’t have analogies in Ukraine. The capacity of basic coal storage let to transport 1000 t of coal per hour or 300 railway cars per day.

The completion of the project of PCI complex, including the erection of basic coal storage gives sizable energy-saving effect to the works. There is no need to use more than 300 million m3 of natural gas per year in blast furnace technology anymore. “Technology of PCI injection at Zaporizhstal is successfully implemented”,- stressed on Rostislav Shurma, General Director of JSC “Zaporizhstal”- “We completely refused from the use of natural gas in blast furnace practice and decreased the consumption of metallurgical coke from 495 to 376 kg during smelting of 1 ton of iron, which permitted us to decrease the prime cost of iron smelting by 50 USD/ton, or by 15 %”.

There is ecological effect from implementation of the project — decreasing of coke consumption would permit to the Steel Works to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases to atmosphere on the order of 300 thousand ton/year, in conversion to СО2.

Implementation of the PCI project started at “Zaporizhstal” at the first quarter of 2008, and in October 2011 the unit was put into operation. Total investments from 2008 to the PCI project, including the completion of the Basic Coal Store (BCS) construction in November 2012, was approximately 1 billion UAH. .Implementation of PCI unit was repaid during 1,5 year, according to the project.

It is necessary to notice that 88 new working places are established at the Works, as a result of completion of basic coal store construction for PCI complex. In addition, training of employees of the enterprise who should work on new equipment has been carried out.

The information:

Modern and hi-tech basic coal store (BCU) of PCI complex, is an integral part of PCI complex. Its operation is directed on stabilisation and a continuity of process of accumulation and mixing of coals of various brands, their further transportation to the Blast Furnace shop, for the purpose of preparation of high-quality pulverized coal fuel.

System of belt conveyors is included in BCU which receive and transport coals of various brands from the external network, from the place of cars unloading up to its storing, blending and shipment on railway transport of the Works, with further transportation to the coal intake located on bin trestle of the Blast Furnace shop.

Volume of cargo turnover at BCU per annum:

1 million 17 thousand tons of coal for PCI installation.

The basic production capacity of BCU:

– The rail car tippler, which directly unload the cars arriving on BCU:

* productivity — 1200 t/hour, or 100 cars a day,

* it is equipped by the crane with lifting capacity 30,5 t,

* Railway roads and belt conveyers are laid through the building,

* Two conveyor scales #3 & #4 record the processed coal,

– Accumulative coal store (5 piles with total holding capacity of 136,6 thousand cubic meters),

– Blending store (2 piles with total holding capacity of 38,6 thousand cubic meters)

– Unit of loading into railway cars,

– Shaker for loosening of the coal frozen in railway cars

– Belt conveyors’ galleries with total length of about 7 km. The length of the longest conveyor passing through the whole store is 440 m.