ZAPOROZHSTAL Iron and Steel Works transfers up to 25 tons of medical oxygen to Zaporozhie hospitals

Zaporozhstal Iron and Steel Works of Metinvest Group donates on a daily basis up to 25 tons of medical oxygen to Zaporozhie hospitals, where patients with COVID-19 are treated.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Rinat Akhmetov Foundation and Metinvest Group systematically provide assistance to health care institutions of Zaporozhie region. Under the sponsorship of the Foundation, a modern oxygen station was built at the Zaporozhie Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital, which provides oxygen to 104 hospital beds.

With the financing of Zaporozhstal Iron and Steel Works, restoration of the intensive care department of the infectious diseases hospital, that was damaged by fire, is continued. In addition, since the beginning of the pandemic, Rinat Akhmetov Foundation and Metinvest Group provide Zaporozhie hospitals with artificial lung ventilation devices, personal protective equipment, test systems, etc.

Zaporozhstal Iron and Steel Works regularly supplies medical oxygen not only to hospitals in Zaporozhie (more than 1,900 tons since April of this year), but also to other regions of Ukraine.

“Every day Zaporozhstal delivers 20-25 tons of medical oxygen for hospitals in Zaporozhie. We send about 40 more tons to other regions of Ukraine: Kiev and Kiev region, Kherson, Nikolaev, Dnepropetrovsk. This is one of our steps that we are taking in the fight against the pandemic. We try to make the work of our doctors as easy as possible and help them in the fight against this disease. I would like to appeal to all residents of Zaporozhie region: do not add more work to our doctors. Follow all recommendations, observe quarantine restrictions and, of course, vaccinate. We must do everything possible so that this disease does not spread anymore, and we return to normal life,” said Alexander Mironenko, General Director of Zaporozhstal Iron and Steel Works of Metinvest Group.

For the second year in a row, Metinvest supplies oxygen to hospitals in different regions of Ukraine. From 2020 to September 2021, the Group’s enterprises donated more than 2 thousand tons of liquid and almost 409 thousand cubic meters of gaseous oxygen to hospitals in Zaporozhie, Mariupol, Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Zhytomir and Khmelnytsky regions. Metinvest will also supply 300 tons of oxygen to hospitals in Kiev and Kharkov region.

Besides, Metinvest constructs oxygen infrastructure in hospitals in the cities where the Group’s enterprises operate. In particular, oxygen systems were installed in Mariupol, which made it possible to provide about 700 hospital beds with oxygen.

In Avdeevka, Metinvest makes an oxygen station in cooperation with Rinat Akhmetov Foundation as part of the project “Fighting COVID-19 in Ukraine”. An automated oxygen system will appear in the Avdeevka central municipal hospital, which will deliver oxygen to 81 points.

This summer an oxygen station was opened in Pokrovsk, Donetsk region, at the Pokrovsk clinical hospital for intensive care. The station, constructed with the support of Metinvest and Rinat Akhmetov Foundation, provides oxygen to the department for patients with coronavirus.

In Krivoy Rog, the Group acted as a partner in providing the municipal hospital No. 17 with oxygen supply equipment. Metinvest undertook to install the equipment and lines for oxygen supply to treatment blocks.

In total, Metinvest spent about $ 6 million in the fight against coronavirus last year.