Zaporizhstal actively upgrading of existing equipment, innovates constantly increasing volume and efficiency, improving product quality, reducing costs. The priority areas are retooling:

  • energy and resource efficiency;
  • improving the quality and range of steel products;
  • to increase production;
  • protection of the environment.

Realized investment projects 2012-2013years:

  • commissioning of the coal storage base in the complex installation of PCI in blast furnaces,
  • reconstruction aglomashiny №1 with the construction of a new efficient gas cleaning unit.

Zaporizhstal implementing modernization projects : – Construction of a new line chlorohydrin acid etching with hydrochloric acid regeneration plant . Commissioning of the new line chlorohydrin acid etching and URSC will reduce emissions by 83% sulfuric acid vapor and completely eliminate discharges into the river Dnepr plant from cold rolling mill, as well as to increase the production of etched metal with 212 thousand tons / year, resulting in the regeneration process hydrochloric acid is a byproduct of the production of 16,8 thusand tons / year of iron oxide , which allow to partially replace the charge in the manufacture of sinter plant. The project budget is 730 million UAN. – Refurbishment of DP- 4. The reconstruction project provides new aspiration system casthouse and Stock house assembling, replacing the use of natural gas in the pulverized coal. As a result of reconstruction of the DP -4 increase furnace capacity to 1112 thousand tons of pig iron per year (since 1052 tonnes). Aspiration installation casthouse and stock house assembling furnace includes shelter gutters and local outlets with cleaning dust-gas mixture in a bag filter, which provides a degree of cleaning up to European standards. Investment will be about 600 million UAN. – Reconstruction of gas cleaning aglomashine №2. Reconstruction of gas cleaning will reduce the dust content to 50 mg/m3; of sulfur dioxide – to 400 mg/m3 and allow phases to reduce dumping of sludge from water reverse cycle sinter plant. Through this event, the environmental situation in Zaporozhye improve. The project budget is 80 million UAN.