The continuous improvement program has begun at PJSC “Zaporizhstal” in August 2012.

Continuous improvement is a comprehensive systematic approach to the solution of industrial problems. It includes process optimization for decreasing consumption of raw materials, materials, production cycle time and improvement of product quality.

The program objective is to achieve the state, in which every employee could discover the existing problems, identify their cause and implement systematic solutions for elimination and prevention of these problems.

Key areas of work:

• bonus system in accordance with KPI, developed and implemented in subdivisions of the Works. The system is being constantly improved in order to increase performance;

• lists of controlled parameters of technological process and equipment, developed for improvement of product quality;

• process optimization through the series of operational improvements, carried out in subdivisions of the Works;

• systematic analysis of deviation reasons by employees of all levels with development of correcting and preventive measures;

• proposal submission system and work of continuous improvement teams; •

“School of Industrial Managers” on the base of the continuous improvement department of “Zaporizhstal”

• «5S» – workplace arrangement system, which substantially improves performance and controllability of the processes, improves corporate culture and increases labour efficiency.

The continuous improvement system at PJSC “Zaporizhstal” has a range of prospects, including:

– Implementation of ТРМ – system of total productive maintenance, in which process and maintenance staff participate jointly;

– Implementation of SMED – changeover of the equipment with continuous increase of its performance;