Mechanical workshop of “Zaporizhstal” manufacture details on agreement, the manufacturer of the material (and sheet rolled, forged, molded cast iron) or from material supplied by the customer, as well as perform certain types of work:

  • turning – on items with a maximum diameter of 2000 mm and lengths up to 8000 mm;
  • boring – on items with a maximum diameter of 5000 mm;
  • milling – on items with maximum dimensions 2000x1000x5000 mm;
  • boring – with maximum dimensions 3000x2000x3000 mm;
  • planing – on items with maximum dimensions 3150x2240x8000 mm;
  • slotting – on items with maximum dimensions 1000x1000x1000 mm;
  • drilling;

Also offered the opportunity to perform cutting teeth:

  • cylindrical gears external gearing of m=3 and m=30 with a number of teeth 40 – standard worm mills. With fewer teeth of m=16 and above – finger modular mills from the customer;
  • internal cylindrical pinions meshing m=10 and m=12, having an inner diameter of 650 mm or more – modular finger cutters from the customer;
  • cylindrical gears for gear shaping machine shaper standard of m=3 and m=12;
  • conical wheels with circular tooth ravnovysokim axial form III (Gear heads 6″, 9″, 12″, 18″ of m=3 and m=11 on the machine model 528C)

Prices for the services of the machine shop – contractual.

Paint work, preservation and packaging for shipment – not executed.

Note: when negotiating and orders please compulsorily provide technical documentation, in ESKD.

We invite you to cooperation!

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